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A collection of algorithms and analysis of them for a variety of string-based pattern matching problems.


StringPedia is a project started by Ben Smithers, as part of a research bursary from the EPSRC under the supervision of Raphael Clifford.

It aims to provide the first collection of pattern matching algorithms, including implementations and analysis of them. This will include an indication of the practicality of the algorithms; whilst many algorithms are theoretically fast, often little work has been devoted to their implementation and hence they are rarely used.

An initial list of problems can be found here.


Please help us expand StringPedia by contributing your own algorithms and analysis. StringPedia uses the same software as Wikipedia: MediaWiki. A basic introduction on using the Mediawiki software can be found here, whist this page details the valid formatting. In addition, a LaTeX extension has been installed -- just place a valid LaTeX maths expression inside maths tags:<math></math>

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